Ziele (auch als Quests bekannt) sind spezielle Aufgaben, welche ein Siedler mit oder ohne seine Familie (je nach Ziel) erfüllen muß um so den Bauernhof und Frontier Town zu gestalten.

Ziele Bearbeiten

Tend Your Homestead
Clear the Land Find Lost Sheep
Start Building Your Cabin Prepare the Harvest Move Lost Sheep
Visit Your Neighbors Prepare the Ground Chop Neighbor Trees
Finish the Cabin Lay in Supplies Tend Neighbor Crops
Customize Your Cabin The Fowl Watch
Spruce Things Up Clobber Snakes
Get Married 1 Keep on Farming Search for Lost Hammer
Get Married 2 Make Medicinal Tea Search for Lost Nails
Get Married 3 Lay in Firewood
Time for Breakfast Get Married 4 Clear out the Grass
Make an Orchard Get Married 5
Scare Bears Do Family Chores Feed the Farm Animals
Prepare to Build a Crib Feed the Ranch Animals
Get Ready for Baby A Thorny Problem
Tend Neighbor Crops 2 Care for Your Child Stumped
Tend More Neighbor Crops Learning Clobber Groundhogs
Tend Big Neighbor Crops Get Ready to Bake! 1 Apple Pie Contest
Welcome Fanny Wildcat Get Ready for the Schoolmarm
Prepare Dinner for Fanny Wildcat Get Ready to Bake! 2
Everybody Loves Cake Start Ranching Pig Farming
Finding the Perfect Apple Toys for the Kid Clobber Foxes
First Day of School Eat Your Veggies Cow Farming
Sick Day Learn About Sunflowers Teach Hunting
Child Does Homework Eat Your Fruit
Punish Misbehavior in Class Three Square Meals
Chicken Business
Chicken Ranching Birthday Time!
Chicken Tender Raise Geese Master Farmer 1
Build a Chicken Coop Founder 1 Master Farmer 2
Prepare a New Bed Founder 2 Master Farmer 3
Collect a Dozen Eggs Founder 3
Keep Warm
Scout a Site
Start Reforesting
Get Equipped
Build a Sawmill
Breakfast in Bed

4th of July Celebration/ Amerikanischer Unabhängigkeitstag 4 Juli Bearbeiten

Party on the 4th 1
Party on the 4th 2
Party on the 4th 3
Party on the 4th 4

Unbekannte Reihenfolge Bearbeiten